Ignorance is NOT bliss.

Just because you don’t know something doesn’t make it ok and shouldn’t let you think it’s ok. The world is literally at our finger tips and we should be using it to our advantage.
Those cropped out Facebook event cover images? Yeah, they need to stop. Google it. Facebook seems to change the dimensions at least once a year. Don’t have a program to lay out certain dimensions? Gimp (https://www.gimp.org). It’s free, its multi crossed platform (Mac, PC, and Linux), and it similar to Photoshop. Timeline covers, profile pictures, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc. These all have certain dimensions. Again, this is going to help your over all brand. Below are links that you can get more information on.

Facebook Timeline & Event Cover Dimensions

Youtube Cover

Streaming live on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, or where ever it may be, we have surpassed the times where we stuck a webcam or camcorder and used the camera’s mic as an audio input. Spend a little money and put some effort into equipment like a decent 1080 webcam and a usb sound capture device. Open Broadcaster Software, also known as OBS, is yet another free and open sourced program that allows us to be a little more professional than a camera and it’s mic. You can download OBS here: (https://obsproject.com) There are endless ways of designs of what your stream could look like. Take the time and go look at some other DJs streaming live to see how theirs is designed. If you’re going for some background noise for more of a live feel, there’s nothing wrong with that, get an actual mic and set the volume down a bit to where it is background noise and not over powering the mix.

Facebook events should have details to it. Not only about the event’s time, place, or date, but the over all atmosphere. Give some information about the DJ (this is where a press kit comes in at), if there are multiple DJs, give them each an “about” section. Use that “Scheduled Items” and list what time to what time is DJ so and so is playing and on to the next DJ. Create the event as soon as you know, at least within a week of the event. Get those “Co-Hosts” added. If I, myself, am making an event for Below Zero or for House of SIN and there are multiple DJs, I will add DJ “So So” or whoever may be playing to be a co-host. Why? Because it adds the event to their events on their Facebook. That is, if they accept. Don’t take advantage of this by adding everyone in the world to co-host your event so it shows on their Facebook. A little effort goes a long way.

There are several things that fall into this tip/section. The bottom line is don’t be ignorant. Don’t be scared to use Google or anything that’s available to you. Grow your knowledge!
If any fellow (DJ)s need any help with the info above, I am here for you! Need help finding dimensions, or motion graphics for your newly live stream that may happen soon? I am here and can also point you in the right direction!

Ignorance is NOT bliss!

A side note: I live in a tiny piece in the world. Where most of us know each other. Where Cincinnati may be a small pocket in this country. But don’t put a cap on that. You never know who may come across your event, your DJ page, or whatever it may be. I can’t tell you how many times DJ FlyBoy has been tag in events from other countries. It obviously was a mistake…..although….who wouldn’t want to go DJ in another country? You’re also telling yourself that you’ll never DJ any where else other than in Cincinnati. STOP IT! Don’t do that to yourself! There are MANY great DJs in this city that deserves to be playing at some bigger clubs and in other countries. Get with these standards, go above these standards and don’t sell yourself short!